Thursday, May 15, 2014

Give it a Tie

Top: Shirt, Cardigan, Tie : Topman
A detailed photo of my floral tie that really gives a stylish and chic impact on my white shirt.
Shoes: Milanos|Bottom: Uniqlo
I always wanted to dress like this everytime I go out. My only concern is that here in the Philippines it's really hot. All the Filipinos will definitely agree with me right? HAHA. kidding aside. Me and my family had a trip to Japan for a vacation. Lucky enough Japan has one of the coolest weathers ever. That's why I was able to pull this one off.I was wearing a thick maroon cardigan to cover up my longsleeves shirt to not make it look simple and not to exaggerate my whole look I also patterned it with my tie that showcases the sophistication of the look. If you noticed I think this would be my 1st time wearing a tie for my ootd. The weather is a plus factor for all fashiown people out there because you will never experience perspiration and you can flaunt your outfits very well.

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