Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Man in Pink

Top:Pink Shirt:Penshoppe|White Jacket:Uniqlo|Ripped shorts: American Eagle|Shoes:Nike (Yow edition
Officially posting another look today, aside from my busy schedule and make up inspirations I finally had the time to shoot and work something with my favorite color. I can't phantom the fact that men can finally wear pink now! Back then pink is like the most outworn color for men you will not even see a single brand that will release colors like this for men but I'm glad finally things changed. It's so good to see other men being dapper and so cool about this color. I now see more acceptance and adaptability in our nature and environment. Now this season has been like so crazy because the weather is so bipolar you can't really estimate if it's going to rain or what so I decided to just wear this white jacket that's actually lightweight which I love because it's complimenting the baby pink shirt that I'm wearing giving you that very chill and laid back vibes. I wanted go minimal and just matched my shoes with my top. I mean who doesn't love matching their shirt with their shoes! and Yes! it's still a thing.

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