Friday, February 17, 2017

Lash get it on (Lashlab Manila)

Lashes are my favorite thing to do when putting on makeup. It provides much more impact to your audience and makes you look more extra. As a beauty influencer I think that the true meaning of glam (w/makeup) is putting on lashes. Lashes are precisely done, they're all beautiful and very glamorous. Mink lashes are best worn for parties and events. They're soft, lightweight and very easy to use. Comparing synthetic and silk lashes, the mink ones are much more softer, silkier and much more defined that's why people are more likely to wear this one instead of the other kinds. This trend is taking the beauty world faster than the fire.
I got mine from this online shop called LashLab Manila. I've been following them for quite some time now and I'm impressed with all of their designs and so I always check out what designs they're going to release and or they're gonna post. In the Philippines Honestly, it's so hard to find great looking false lashes good thing Lashlab is here to save the day. They're very affordable price ranges from 350 to 650php, they give so much justification to my glam looks. I suggest to all the ladies who love to enhance their eye makeup to go check out "lashlab manila" (click the link) and get your yours now 

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