Friday, May 26, 2017

H&M Music Collaboration with Zara Larsson

Thank God it's pink Friday, last (may 19) H&M launched their newest collection from their collab with the Swedish singer "ZARA LARSSON" If you guys don't know her, she's the girl who sang lush life, symphony featuring Clean Bandt and my favorite song of hers which is "SO GOOD!" She's a young talented singer that has a great sense of style. Her personality shined through in her collection, I can tell that a lot of young fashionistas can relate to her. Here are some of her collections.
with Pampanga Fashion Bloggers(Khai Nunag, Jhavoo Morgia, Tse Bautista)
Shai Lagarde Wearing one of Zara Larsson's Collection
(with Anton,Ida and Shai Lagarde)
It's amazing how she managed to stay true to her aesthetic and make the collection very youthful. You can see over sized dresses, denims and cropped tops with all the twist of pink in it which gives me so much life, Really never thought she'd be sticking to the pink color so good thing I was matching everything up with her collab with H&M. Hoping you guys can check her collection in person because everything is worth buying If I was only a girl I would definitely buy one in every color.I'm really glad that they launched this collab in Clark, cause Clark has been so advanced with everything and it's amazing how it's much convenient for us to local fashionistas, to shop and not be left out of trend.

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